Tough Times On The North Side?

cubfansThe Chicago Cubs and Edwin Jackson are close to a four year, 52 million dollar deal. Jackson, who at best is a number for starter in a rotation, will be that second questionable signing of a number four this year. This shows signs of desperation for the beloved Cubbies, not inking Anabal Sanchez and not making a big name move. Theo Epstein is realizing that getting an athlete to go to Wrigley to play ball isn’t as easy as it was in Fenway.

The 29 year old pitcher has been in the makes for 10 years, and is career 70-71 with a ERA at 4.40 and is just shy of 1000 K’s. He hadn’t been able top find a home as well, bring with eight franchises in those 10 years. Texas believes that they are still in the hunt with signing Jackson, but it seems he would play a more pivotal role on the Cubs (perhaps a number two on the rotation)  then he would on the Rangers where he would be a number four.