Touch. Tap. Flick. Control.

microsoft-arc-touch-mouseBefore you get your hopes up, no, this isn’t part two of the boob grabbing we talked about here. This is about a mouse. Yes, a mouse…that soon to be outdated piece of equipment you use with your computer. Personally, I avoid using trackpads as much as possible. I picked this little bundle of fun up for a good price. Check out my thoughts after the break.

So this is the Microsoft Arc Touch Mouse, and it usually retails for around $60. Best Buy had it as one of their Daily Deals the other day for $25, so I figured I’d give it a shot. And honestly, I would have paid $60 for this thing…and believe me, I never thought I’d be that guy spending more than $20 on a mouse.

This thing is sick. Its way smaller and lighter than you think (that’s what she said). When you fold it flat, it shuts itself off, and only turns back on when you bend the rubber and click the arc into place. The buttons feel good, and the middle scroll “wheel” takes some getting used to. You can program it to do certain things, but out of the box it scrolls like a normal wheel, lets you page up or down by tapping the top or bottom, and lets you open a link in a new tab by double tapping the middle line.

I gotta say, after using this thing, I would pay $60 in heartbeat for it if I was going to be using a mouse most of the day. Being able to fold it flat and throw it in your bag or a pocket is pretty slick too.