This Is My Favorite Time Of The Year.

CES 2013

So CES (Consumer Electronics Show) 2013 technically kicks off tomorrow in Las Vegas. Some of the bigger companies are already having press releases and showing off their new toys though. If you have no idea what CES is….let me make a comparison for you: CES to a geek is like the North Pole is to Will Ferrell in Elf. Seriously. Most of the cool shit that you’re going to be buying this year and into early next year, is being shown off for the first time in these few days. Check out some of the cool things that have been announced after the break.

via Engadget -So, here’s one of those “I have shit loads of money to burn” type of items. It’s a flash drive made by Kensington. What’s so special about it? Well for starters it’s a USB 3.0 drive…and, it’s a f*#^ing terabyte. Who the F needs to carry around 1TB of shit around on their keys. I can’t wait to see how much this thing costs…considering the 512gb version is…wait for it…$1,750. Yup.

via Mashable -Samsung just unveiled the worlds largest 4k TV today at a mind blowing 85″…….85″ of 4K resolution. Jesus. This is the next big thing in TV resolution. It’s going to make your 1080p tv look like you’re watching Transformers through a screen door. The downside? Anything 4K is expensive as hell, and there isn’t any content to play on it. Unless you can get your hands on some content the movie theaters play on their 4K gear.

via CultOfMac -Griffin released a new charging dock at CES….and honestly, this is something I can see a lot of people using. It looks like a file rack, but can charge 5 USB powered devices at once. It’s being pushed initially as a charging station for your iOS devices, but in reality it will charge anything that uses a USB cable. At only $100, I can see this being a big hit for families, or people who have multiple consumption devices. You could throw your iPad, Kindle, iPhone, iPod shuffle (ya know, for getting your swell on at the gym), and your bluetooth speaker like the JBL Flip.

Stay tuned for more on CES…