These Athletes Are True Heroes


I won’t lie. I’m not a big market guy. Growing up in Cincinnati and Metro Detroit, I usually HATE the amount of attention that athletes out of New York or LA get. But when athletes step up like these two guys did, it makes me happy that the stardom only means so much to them. After the tragedy that happened last week in Newtown, I think we were all left feel extremely lost and helpless. When the funerals for these innocent victims started to happen, no one could not know what the families of these innocent victims were going through. You would hear little stories of the victims that they were “the biggest Giants fan” or “the biggest Yankees fan” and you would think nothing of it. Two New York athletes let these families know that they really cared about the biggest fans.

Victor Cruz of the New York Giants and his family actually attended one of the you boys funerals to pay him respects. If that isn’t class, I don’t know what is. When he was being interviewed, you could tell it was an emotional time for Victor, and there was no other place that he would rather be at that time. He took time to hang out with other kids that were there, and talk to the families that were mourning, which really helps in the healing process, knowing that these heroes are human and they really do care about the community.

The brave first grade teacher, who made sure to hide her kids in the closet and had her own life taken to save those kids was the “biggest Derek Jeter fan.” After she was laid to rest, her mother received a call on her phone from an unknown number. When she answered, it was Jeter. He talked to her mom and though we don’t know what was talked about, her mom felt comfort when he called, and was grateful someone like Derek Jeter actually realizes who the real heroes are in this world.

Across sports, there were a lot of respect paid to the innocent lives that were taken in Newtown, but these two athletes went above and beyond to reach out and help in the grieving process. Even though they are both big market superstars, they became heroes in my book as well.