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Wale And Seinfeld Are Making An Album Together… #Nothing

seinfeld-wale-SLNYPost – Wale and Seinfeld, this is going to be bigger than Jay and R.Kelly. No one saw this coming, the game is about to change. Seinfeld made a show about nothing, it went on to be the biggest show ever, and Wale just convinced him to help him make a third mixtape about nothing with him.

No chance in hell did Wale ever think when he made his mixtape titled “The Mixtape About Nothing” that Jerry Seinfeld would ever be featured in any tracks. 5 Years later, and boom, Seinfeld is talking on video about how his wife is obsessed with Wale and some how the 3 (Seinfeld, Seinfeld’s Wife and Wale) are all in a threesome. WTF is going on here, not only is Jerry Seinfeld suddenly¬†talking like he’s black in the video, but he’s admitting that his wife wants to take on Wale’s BBC. Just another day in the life of Jerry.