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Jozy Altidore: Getting Monkey Noises Yelled At Him, Insist the Game Goes On


Jozy Altidore, USA and AZ Alkmaar Striker was the victim of something that still haunts the soccer world so much. During the 37th minute Altidore was inside the penalty box and was taken down, causing an FC Den Bosch player to get red carded and sent off. This sparked a group of fans to start yelling monkey noises at Altidore. The ref immediately stopped the match, but Altidore pleaded with the ref to let the game go on. Later in the match, the fans kept at it, causing the head official to take all players and refs off the field in protest. FC Den Bosch players and pleaded with the fans to stop. When fans did, the game resumed.

Altidore has been praised for his cool demeanor during the entire thing. Obviously, this isn’t the first time this has happened to him. This has happened to me as well, and I took it with a grain of salt like Jozy did, but kudos to be as calm as he was on a national stage.