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64=23. Yup, You Read That Right.

20130129-224458.jpg So Microsoft’s new tablet comes out February 9th, wonderfully named the Surface Pro. So what’s the difference between this one and that other Surface? This one runs Windows 8. Ok, so the other one does too….but it’s a fake version. Seriously. It’s Windows 8 RT or something. Not Windows 8. Make sense? This one will run the real desktop version, so just about anything you can install on a desktop, you can install on this. The big news, as pointed out by The Verge is that the 64 gig version of this thing is going to ship with only 23 gigs of free space. How can they even use these sizes as a selling point?! You buy the 64 and get 23. You splurge on the 128 and get 80 something free. So insane. Well done Microsoft.

Surface Rules, Apple Drools……Wait, What?

surfvsipadHonestly, I can’t believe this report. This is one of those moments where, if this is true, a good chunk of people reading this are going to feel like they are completely out of touch with the younger generation. BGR is reporting that, according to a new survey, Apple is no longer cool. In fact, it’s too ‘cool’ to really be cool. The report was done by a marketing group that specializes in youth marketing. They claim that teens are more interested in the Surface tablet and Samsung’s line of Galaxy phones instead of iPads and iPhones.

The Galaxy phones I can kind of see. Samsung is pushing the envelope more than Apple is in regards to phone technology. And if the app ecosystem for Android continues to grow the way it is, Apple might have some stiff competition. But this notion that teens want the surface tablet over the iPad is insane. Seriously, what’re you gonna do with the Surface? Download all 6 apps that are available and play with the kickstand?

Suck It Surface.

photo-520x395So by now, I’m sure you all have heard about Oprah’s massive screw up in trying to promote the Microsoft Surface tablet. And it looks like everyone this holiday season followed suit, and avoided the Surface like it was the bubonic plague…if we lived in Europe….in the 1300′s. Anyway. It’s just a matter of time before this thing is in a grave next to it’d older brother, the Zune. Check out what twitter user A.X. Ian put together after the break. Continue reading