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Two College Students Snuck Into The SuperBowl and Throw It On YouTube For All To See

Two Savannah State (known as “Kobe” & “LeBron”) students just snuck into the Super Bowl and wanted to show every one how easy it was. Going to Savannah State must give you balls. These kids don’t flinch. After walking right past the main security check point, where all the officers are just sitting around staring at shoes, they end up in the loading docks eventually on the field. How dumb is the security guard letting them right in after they say they are making a documentary. Absolute hustling at it’s finest, or just complete asshole security not giving a shit.

Although this is a terribly edited video, and is really long for no reason, these two idiots have some balls. Not only did they manage to get past several security officials, but then they also get on to the field in time to see Beyonce at her best. “Kobe” & “LeBron” plan to release the entire video, to help police when they decide to go after and prosecute… typical dumb shit by future YouTube stars.