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The Citizens Fine Balotelli and Mancini Has a Message For Him


ESPN - Manchester City is fined striker and “bad boy” Mario Balotelli for two games pay or 340,000.00 GBP. The fine is a result of last years antics on the field for City as the 22 year old Italian showed the soccer (football) what kind of player he really is. It was a modest fine, as Balotelli was suspended for 11 out of the 54 games played by the Blue. Roberto Mancini, coach of Manchester City, has expressed to Balotelli that he must learn to respect himself before he can respect anyone else.  The striker did not travel with the team to Newcastle and will not be on the pitch tomorrow as they take on Reading. When asked if Balotelli would be released by the team Mancini said “Mario is like the other players. If he deserves another chance, he will have another chance. Now he must deserve this.”