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900+ Dead Pigs Found Floating Around Drinking Water In China

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Chinese officials investigate case of 900 dead pigs found floating in Shanghai river
It’s still unclear how the porkers ended up in the water — which is used by city residents. Officials, however, say there’s no evidence the animals were dumped or of an epidemic.
Chinese officials say they have fished out 900 dead pigs from a Shanghai river last week that is a water source for city residents. But they are still trying to figure out where the animals came from.
A statement posted Saturday on the city’s Agriculture Committee’s website says they haven’t found any evidence that the pigs were dumped into the river or of any animal epidemic.
The statement says the city and Songjiang district governments started retrieving the pigs on Friday night. By late Saturday afternoon they had recovered and disposed of more than 900.

Bacon. How dumb are the “Chinese Officials” in this case. They don’t think that the dead pigs are part of an epidemic, and can’t prove they were dumped. Sounds like this shouldn’t be a hard case to solve, not too many people in China should be rolling around with 900 pigs. And those that have that type of bacon potential inventory that don’t in the matter of a day… well that’s your guy.