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JBL Flip Speaker: Even Bieber Would Sound Good On This Thing

JBLFlip1So I’ve had this speaker about a month now, and I’ve gotta say..it’s blown me away. It’s one of JBL’s newest entries into the portable bluetooth speaker market that can go head to head with Jawbone’s Jambox……but at almost half the price. The sound quality on this is amazing, and you really have to hear it to believe it. Grab some more details after the break. Continue reading

Touch. Tap. Flick. Control.

microsoft-arc-touch-mouseBefore you get your hopes up, no, this isn’t part two of the boob grabbing we talked about here. This is about a mouse. Yes, a mouse…that soon to be outdated piece of equipment you use with your computer. Personally, I avoid using trackpads as much as possible. I picked this little bundle of fun up for a good price. Check out my thoughts after the break.

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