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Handles Are Overrated, Why This Knife Proves You Never Needed One

dezeen_Primitive-knife-by-Michele-Daneluzzo-for-Del-Ben_5 dezeen_Primitive-knife-by-Michele-Daneluzzo-for-Del-Ben_8This is the Italian designed knife that is becoming known for making us look like assholes for years for using a handle to cut with. This knife is designed by Michele Daneluzzo, in an attempt to improve on something that has really always been the same, the kitchen knife. Michele was attending a school in Vienna, and decided that instead of exerting the pressure on the wooden handle, that why can’t we create a handle as part of the blade itself.

The knife is made of one piece of steel, that goes from a razor-sharp edge to a rounded handle. The handle is supposed to allow you to cut with more precision and strength, as you are now using the force directly on the blade. The direct pressure on the blade creates less force being exerted unnecessarily and makes it easier to filet that salmon.

Cutlery isn’t something that I normally give a shit about, but this just screamed “hey asshole, even you could have thought of something like this”. Reason number 234589, that I am always going to be broke. Something as stupid as the knife, just made this women thousands, if not millions for her pothead idea. Courtesy of Dezeen