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Preseason Picks: MLB


This is what we look like in the DN laboratory.

Yes. It’s February 13th (Reminder, valentines day is tomorrow), but pitchers and catchers reported to spring training and I’m getting antsy. There were a lot of off season moves this winter, and with that being said, I’m going to give you my preseason divisional picks. Yes, I’m going to be totally wrong… Deal with it.


East: last year was a fluke in that division. Yes, the Nationals are good, but they aren’t that good. Especially with Gio sweating with being linked to PEDs. Philly was way off last year, but expect them to win the east. (Nationals get a wildcard)

Central: Everyone else got weaker, the Reds got a solid lead off (what they were missing). Reds will over 100 games this year.

West: Most intriguing division. The Giants somehow find a way to win. The Dodgers payroll is bonkers. These two battle it out, the other team gets the other wildcard. Dodgers win it in the last week of the season.


East: Toronto loaded up! The Yankees are falling apart! The BoSox are the BoSox… Oh yeah, Tampa Bay always finds a way. TB is takes the division, Toronto gets the wildcard

Central: This division is the Tigers to lose. Which they will. Indians loaded up and grabbed the best manager out there. Francona turns the Indians around to win it. Leyland finally loses his job.

West: The Angels are going to be really good. Expect a sophomore slump from Trout though. The Athletics are coming back with nothing to lose as well. All in all, the original four teams all upgraded and this is going to be a right division. Angels win it, Athletics with second wildcard.

Debate me all you want, you’re probably right.