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NFL Playoffs Ready to Go!!!

Alfred Morris, Gerald Sensabaugh

The NFL wrapped up its season in wild fashion yesterday, as week 17 came to an epic end as Washington beat Dallas to win the NFC East. Here is how the playoffs look starting next weekend:


1. Atlanta 2. SF 3. Green Bay 4. Washington 5. Seattle 6. Minnesota


1. Denver 2. NE 3. Houston 4. Baltimore 5. Indy 6. Cincy

Crazy Craig’s playoff prediction:

Game 1: Saturday,4:30pm : Cincy at Houston- Rematch from a year ago, these two teams have a lot to prove. The Bengals Defense is going to be too much to handle, Cincy wins 24-14

Game 2: Saturday, 8pm: Vikings at Green Bay: Aaron Rodgers has a chip on his shoulder. A very big chip. Vikings squeaked one out in week 17, but not 18. Packers 31-Vikings 21

Game 3: Sunday, 1pm: Indy at Baltimore: Baltimore wanted this match up,  thinking that they can get to Luck early. Time and time again, Indy finds a way to win, but not this game. Baltimore wins 17-14

Game 4: Sunday, 4:30 PM:  Seattle at Washington: This is going to be the best game of the entire playoffs I think. High powered offenses squaring off against each other. Seattle’s been putting up points like crazy, and Washington has a lot of momentum going into this game, but Seattle wins 38-35.


There are my playoff week one predictions. Though I expect to go 4-0, I could very well go 0-4 with how close all teams are talent wise. Do you disagree with any of my choices?



Screen shot 2012-12-28 at 11.53.14 PMIn a last ditch effort to keep the Giant’s season alive, I know of someone who might have risked money on this insane parlay. The Giants need a win on Sunday against the Seagulls in addition to having the Cowboys lose, the Bears Lose and the Vikings lose. All in all this doesn’t seem like a bad scenario considering the Lion’s are looking good and want to help accelerate CJ’s record breaking season, the Viking’s blow ball goats and the Cowgirls typically choke when around pressure.

I can already see you football fairies out there hating, but you better be ready for the Giants, because if they make this insane scenario play out, we’re looking at another World Championship Season! Everyone’s going to have a ring! HE GOT ONE TOO, HE GOT ONE TOO!!

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