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Philadelphia Streaker Goes Balls Deep On Public Bus Then Chases On-Lookers

naked27n-4-webNYDailyNews – City of brotherly or what bro? Straight balls swinging every where all over everything over there. Some unidentified old guy just went balls deep on a windshield SEPTA Bus. After jumping on the empty bike rack of the public bus, he decided that he might as well put his boxers on his head. Of course people took out their phones to record this old wrinkly ballsack, but we guess he doesn’t like it so he starts chasing them around, meat just swinging every where. He was eventually arrested after attempting to put his boxers back on. 


Once again, no shocker that we have naked old men trying to jam balls down everyone’s mouth in Philly. Just another average day. (Check out the Video After The Break)

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Chip Kelly to Eagles? You’re Kidding, Right?

In the latest drama to come out of sports, Chip Kelly, who said no to an NLF coaching contract a week ago, has agreed to become head coach of the Philadelphia Eagles. Not much is known about the the contract yet.

This is the first college coach that Philly has brought in since Dick Vermeil in 1976. This is raising a lot of eyebrows around the college football circle that this may mean sanctions might be hitting Oregon soon. Is this a smart hire for Philly?