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Hey Cheap Ass, This Is For You.

20121223-141838.jpg So EA right now is having a massive sale on a lot of their iPhone and iPad apps in the App Store. You can visit this site here and take a look at what’s on sale. You can also click on the Daily Spin thing at the top and play a slot machine game for a free app. Take a peek after the break at some of the apps I grabbed. Continue reading

Starbucks is at it again, they win.

USAToday – First they come out with the Gold card, and like any good marketing it worked… I was going to Starbucks, just to get another star in my cup on the app. Now they come out with a new exclusive card that is made of steel. I don’t even know how I am going to sell this one to the boss, no way in hell she is going to let me convince her of this investment. At $450 a pop with a $400 dollar credit it sounds like a good deal to me.

Steel?!? You’ve outdone yourself Starbucks

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Who doesn’t Gangnam style now?

Ron Jeremy Style

Yahoo – Holy shit. I was first taught the Gangnam Style dance in the summer by a 13 year old. I thought originally that it was some guy¬†imitating¬†Ron Jeremy, and still think he is… Look at that move, only pro’s know that. This guy’s success doesn’t come from thinking of how to dance around like a fool and get 880 Million views on YouTube, but it comes from the fact that he’s definitely gotten in with every bitch in Asia. Look at that cross over technique, Ron Jeremy would be proud. Continue reading