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Apparently There is a College Football Game Tonight

Did you know there was an important college football game tonight? Apparently, the BCS championship is tonight. Yeah, I didn’t realize it either, considering its been a month and two weeks since the regular season ended, and the NFL playoffs started this weekend. When will the BCS wake up and schedule this game on New Year’s Day, (or a Saturday where everyone can watch it) instead of a Monday, at 8pm EST. Since I live on the west coast, I will not be able to watch the first quarter, and part of the second. Then again, I forgot the game was tonight until I went to ESPN, and had to scroll to find it… And they’re televising it!

As far as the game goes, usually I would have a winner picked by now, but I can’t call it. Alabama is so fast, big and would be the team to take if I were a betting man, but Notre Dame always finds a way to win big games. This will be a defensive focused game. I don’t think either team will put up over 24. It should be a descent game to watch, but thanks to the BCS, and their great scheduling, I won’t be watching.