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How Much Was Mirza Teletovic Paid to Air Ball 3 Times In 1 Minute?


Leave it to a Bosnian guy to make the NBA’s money exchange policy obvious as shit. We all know that mobsters can’t help themselves to the refs, but now it’s becoming too obvious. This doesn’t happen daily. It’s not possible to go back to back and throw 3 air balls in a row bro. The players didn’t even know how to react, they didn’t think the ball would be that far off. Terrible acting on Teletovic’s part, definitely the last time the Gambino family is using him.


Avery Johnson Fired in BK


After a 14-14 start, and 3-10 in the last 13 last games, the Brooklyn Nets have fired coach Avery Johnson. This announcement was made today by general manager Billy King. In sort of a shock, the Nets organization was grateful for his efforts, but wanted to move in a new direction. In two seasons as the Nets coach, Johnson’s record was 60-116. No interim coach has been named yet.

Update: According ESPN, P.J. Carlesimo has been named interim coach… adding more head scratching and humor to this story.

J.R. Smith Still Can’t Be Held Down With Another Buzzer Beater… Also Still Can’t Salsa

JRSMITHSALSAThere isn’t too much that can be said here. J.R. is unstoppable when it comes to last-minute jump shots recently. He hits the first of 2 last minute jumpers to tie up the game, then gets an inbound pass from Kidd to shutter the Sun’s hopes with 1 second left in the game. Smith finished the game with 27 points, Kidd with 21 points and all this without Melo in to assist … Lets refer back to the post about Smith and Tahiry… when you’re jumping on ass like that playing ball must be easy. Watch tonight’s highlight video after the break.

The saddest part of all this is when he breaks out the Victor Cruz Salsa and absolutely demolishes it. You can’t just break that shit out and expect everyone to respect it because you are on fire right now. Stop that shit son. You can’t salsa, we respect you trying, but you look like an gringo.

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The 17-8 Golden State Warriors Still Getting No Love

Credit: Rocky Widner, Getty Images

Credit: Rocky Widner, Getty Images

The Golden State Warriors knocked off the New Orleans Hornets last night to improve to 17-8 on the year in case you didn’t hear from the media outlets last night. (That wonderful Lakers win against the Bobcats needed to be talked about so much… Chumps.) After going 6-1 on an east coast swing (knocking off the likings of BK and Miami), the Warriors came back to Oakland to win and stay a game and a half back from the only LA team that should be reported about.

I get the fact that the Lakers are a better team to cover with everything that is going wrong, but coverage needs to shift to covering teams that are winning. When I turn on ESPN and go to the website, the 12-14 Lakers are headlining. Sports addicts, I beg of you to demand excellence in your reporting. If the big shows want to talk about LA and New York that’s fine, but talk about the teams that are winning. It’s a joke that “highlight of the night” is an under .500 team when there is so much more to report.

30k and Kobe won’t stop…

Kobe looking focused on driving into the hole… without permission as usual.

SBN - Kobe being Kobe and just shattering records, making jump shots and doing what ever it takes to get what he wants. You have to give Kobe credit, he not only hit the 30,000 point mark younger than Walt, Kareem and Jordan, but he does it like nobody can stop him. Driving the hole through 3 defenders and making the layup like its practice.


J.R. Smith can’t be held down

JR Smith just dropping it on every person he meets now

SBN – First Tahiry, now the Bobcats entire team. This man can’t do wrong. He is piping out Budden’s ex and clearly pissing him off, then he just goes to Charlotte and decides to embarass the entire team by letting them think they had a shot. That was an amazing way to just drain the game winner in MKG’s face.




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