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Wife Murders Her Husband For Watching Porn… God Help Us All

20130213-002752.jpgUSAToday- Matthew White, University of Pennsylvania’s 1979 starting center, was stabbed in the back by his wife because she caught him watching porn. White’s wife, Maria Rey Garcia-Pellon, was claiming that she did it for good reason claiming “I caught him looking at pornography, young girls. I love kids. I had to do it.” during her arrest. She committed the murder by going to the kitchen for a drink at 12-1AM for a drink, grabbing two knives, then going back to the room and stabbing White in the back of the neck.
White’s legend lives on at the school. He still holds the all time high percentage for field goals, and was mentioned by the 1979 Final Four team head coach and Penn’s director of athletics as playing a great role in the historic team that went to the Final Four.

Okay so we already have to hide watching porn like its a dirty act. Whether its on our twitter feeds, or xhamster, porn exists and men love it. Now this bitch is creating a whole new realm of secrecy that men are going to need to create while handling their daily duties. She tries to justify stabbing this guy in the back by this whole bullshit with she loves kids blah blah blah. But it’s a simple case of a married guy looking at 20 something year old lesbians, attempting to rub one out because he knows his wife won’t ever do the shit these girls will. She should be thanking him, instead this crazy bitch is slicing holes in the back of his neck. Really makes u think twice before opening up some Jergens
and your laptop when your wife heads to her nails done.

Arizona woman gets crazy, kills her sex buddy 3 times over… for making her feel like a prostitute

481225_411343778941770_1016123192_nReuters – (Reuters) – An Arizona woman charged with stabbing and shooting her lover to death – and whose graphic testimony has gripped viewers across the United States – described in court a relationship based around sex that left her feeling “like a prostitute.”
Lawyers for Jodi Arias, who could face the death penalty if convicted, argue she acted in self-defense when she killed her lover. He was found in the shower of his Phoenix valley home, shot in the face, stabbed 27 times and with his throat slit.
“I just felt … a little bit, I hate to put it this way, but I felt a little bit used,” Arias, a petite, bespectacled woman with long brown hair, told the court on Wednesday in a calm, measured tone, describing a relationship she said was based around sex.

“He gets a hotel room, I show up, we hang out, we have sex … He’s not really mentally present. I’m getting a lot of attention, but only while we’re engaging in sexual activity, and then we check out and he takes off. I kind of felt like a prostitute, sort of,” Arias told the court.

This older story has a new sick blame game twist.¬†Let’s just picture this crazy ass woman just sitting in her car, windows up, in front of her man friends house, crying daily to Beyonc√© saying “put a ring on”. Poor guy Travis Alexander thought he was set, he has a side piece that he can pipe out any time, she is down with hotel dates, she’s upset about him not calling her a girlfriend, but still allows him to lay the pipe… then boom! You’re being stabbed 27 times, and most likely dead, but then your throat is cut, at this point your 99% dead, then just to ensure you don’t get up she puts a bullet in your head. That’s how Travis’ life ended. Incredibly she is trying to claim self-defense and playing the blame game on the fact that she was giving it up all day every day.