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RIP Ryan Freel


Ryan Freel, utility player that mostly played with the Cincinnati Reds was found dead yesterday in his Floridahome. The police are ruling this a suicide, for they found a shotgun in his possession. Freel played 9 major league season, and was at once a top prospect in the Cincinnati Reds organization. Freel last played in 2009 with the Chicago Cubs, and he was a career .268 hitter. The Reds organization released the following:

“We Reds family is deeply saddened to hear the death of Ryan Freel. His teammates and our fans love him for how hard he played the game and he loved giving back to the community. Our thoughts and prayers are with his family and friends.”

R.I.P Ryan Freel.

These Athletes Are True Heroes


I won’t lie. I’m not a big market guy. Growing up in Cincinnati and Metro Detroit, I usually HATE the amount of attention that athletes out of New York or LA get. But when athletes step up like these two guys did, it makes me happy that the stardom only means so much to them. After the tragedy that happened last week in Newtown, I think we were all left feel extremely lost and helpless. When the funerals for these innocent victims started to happen, no one could not know what the families of these innocent victims were going through. You would hear little stories of the victims that they were “the biggest Giants fan” or “the biggest Yankees fan” and you would think nothing of it. Two New York athletes let these families know that they really cared about the biggest fans.

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Tough Times On The North Side?

cubfansThe Chicago Cubs and Edwin Jackson are close to a four year, 52 million dollar deal. Jackson, who at best is a number for starter in a rotation, will be that second questionable signing of a number four this year. This shows signs of desperation for the beloved Cubbies, not inking Anabal Sanchez and not making a big name move. Theo Epstein is realizing that getting an athlete to go to Wrigley to play ball isn’t as easy as it was in Fenway.

The 29 year old pitcher has been in the makes for 10 years, and is career 70-71 with a ERA at 4.40 and is just shy of 1000 K’s. He hadn’t been able top find a home as well, bring with eight franchises in those 10 years. Texas believes that they are still in the hunt with signing Jackson, but it seems he would play a more pivotal role on the Cubs (perhaps a number two on the rotation)  then he would on the Rangers where he would be a number four.

Mets Trade Crotchety Old Man to Blue Jays


In a move that shocked no one, the New York Mets traded the best thing they have had since Howard Johnson to the Toronto Blue Jays. R. A. Dickey, the 2012 Cy Young Award winner and 38 year old knuckleballer , was threatening to leave the Mets after next season if there was no deal on the table, so the Mets, realizing that they can’t have a winning season anyways, just let him go. The Mets let him go for some prospects in A-Ball, the Mets made a good move to get prospects instead of nothing next year.  Continue reading

Anibal Sanchez Gets 5 years, 80 million from Tigers

According to multiple sources, the Detroit Tigers and Anibal Sanchez have agreed to a five year, 80 million dollar deal. The 28 year old starter on his career is 48-51 with a 3.75 ERA. Yes, that’s his career and he’s making that type of money. Good job, Detroit.

To throw salt in the wound, the Tigers out dueled the worst franchise in the MLB, the Chicago Cubs. What a joke. The terrible thing about this, they will not be able to unload this contract when he is 9-15 next year. Terrible deal, should’ve let him go.