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Last Minute Shopping is For Champs, So Here Are 5 Fail Proof Gifts For The Females In Your Life

procrastinateLike every other champ out there, I waited until the last minute to pick up gifts, and now I am contemplating what to get wifey. But, buying gifts without a wishlist is absolutely a waste of time and money. Never has there been a more annoying task than worrying about buying for someone and hoping they will like the gift. My wife always throws shit out there, little hints here and there, and typically will give me a list, but this year she’s fucking with me by making me go at it blind. I am assuming its the whole “we’re married now, you should know” tactic, but I am not falling for it. So I decided to put together a little list. This is for all the other guys out there that are wondering what the hell you should be heading out to buy 2 hours before the Mall closes. Shitty or not here’s my fail proof list for 4PM shopping before the mall closes at 6.

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