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Study: Married Men Are Idiots For Doing Housework And Rewarded With Less Sex

Father-does-housework-whi-006NYDailyNews - In what could be quite possibly the best article to assist with arguments that men shouldn’t be performing female chores, a new study by the American Sociological Review states men who take on traditionally female tasks such as cooking and cleaning will be rewarded with less sex and even less respect from everyone. Okay maybe the study didn’t state the second part, but it’s also true. Before we jump to conclusions about how this must have been written by men, it was actually co-authored by two females, so it is in no way biased.

The study looked at a variety of men and women in both traditional and non traditional marriages. The men and women that were in study that had a traditional marriage, i.e. women doing what they’re supposed to and cleaning up our messes, doing our laundry and cooking our food, were having more sex than the marriages where men did more than mow the lawn.

Interesting article, and although I appreciate the release of such valuable information, but I ask myself “how did I end up in a marriage where I am cooking, cleaning and doing laundry myself?” And where the f*ck was this information years ago. I thought I was just being a good husband, but this whole time I am hurting myself by trying to help out the wife, and she’s laughing in her heard to herself, it’s a lose/lose for men and win/win for women. If I attempt to squash doing these chores now, I am positive that the result will not mean more sex.

40 Year Old

Sitting here on the couch with the boss and we come across one of the few mutually acceptable movies we can watch together. There are typically arguments, bouts and all out brawls before we settle on a show/movie…although, like most men, I typically lose all of them.
This movie is the exception though, it doesn’t have that gay romantic comedy feeling, even though it pretty much is. A 40 year old virgin meets a divorced mom of 2-3 who wants to sleep with him but realizes how awkward he is so makes him wait. And the way this guy destroys the condoms is class, if I didn’t watch so much “educational” Internet programming when I was 14 I would have been blowing those things up too.

Keep crying Brody, the Major is home.

I don’t care who you are, when you see Morena Baccarin walk into your room in a silky pj outfit and just slowly take it off… you’re going to welcome that bitch. The boss lady could be in the bed with me, and I am still welcoming Morena to jump in. She is the definition of MILF. She might even be better than MILF, her body doesn’t show a speck of MILF. Not one mark of imperfection on her.Although this could be because we know she is getting piped out by the double agents best friend and we are all compelled to see that… after all who doesn’t root for Major Mike every time she rips off her shirt and opens up?