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Kanye West Ruined Kim Kardashian, Solidifies it With New Pregnancy

DListed – Who can take something that is close to perfection and ruin it better than kanye west? Now he’s gone and done the worst thing ever by passing on his ignorance in the form of a child. After announcing at his concert last night that he wanted to give a shutout to his new baby mama, news broke and it was confirmed that Kim is indeed accepting the most ignorant man’s seed.

Kim K used to be top on the talent list and still reigns supreme up there with the best of them but is slowly slipping, and with this recent news her body is about to be destroyed.

Top 3 Reasons Kanye Ruined Kim;
1. The nickname is Kimye – sounds like something you think of when you vomit Thai food.
2. Kim and Kanye seem to wear each others clothing, Kanye might fit into outfits that Kim can’t.
3. Kanye has managed to create a child inside of her forever ruining her body.

Say goodbye to one of DN’s top baby talents.



Kimmy Cakes Barely makes ‘Most Desirable Woman’ list..Men with Absolutley No Taste rejoice

Askmen.com- Where does AskMen.com get their information from? What men did they ask and are they vagina loving? Absolutely no disrespect to Jennifer Lawrence, but we would put plenty of other celebs before her, including last years No.1 Sofia Vergara. If they kept Sofia in the top spot, I would have no complaints, but to put Kim K. at #98 is just crazy.

Don’t worry Kim K, we got your back… all 39 inches of it (continue reading to see it all).

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