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Kim Kardashian Complaining About Having Devil Child Growing Inside of Her

184569Our former favorite all-star ass, now turned into Anti-Christ’s soon to be mom, was recently spotted and asked about her pregnancy. Apparently she is having issues like the rest of the human race, and thinks that it’s not as easy as it looked when her sister Kourtney was doing it. After realizing normal problems exist, and that she made a huge mistake allowing the devil’s seed inside her, Kim went on to talk about how busy she is but gets to seen Kanye once a week. No one really cares about all that shit anymore, but really we just want to know how bad this is ruining her back-shot angle.

On a side note, what the fuck is up with this face morphing that’s happening? Half Camel/Half BJ look going on.

J.R. Smith Just Can’t Be Held Down, Shat All Over Kris Humphries On Twitter

Screen shot 2013-01-21 at 10.23.42 PM

And J.R. Smith can’t be stopped abusing Kris Humphries about Kanye announcing baby mama in the Garden. He doesn’t care about any of these kids in the streets. First he just demolishes Budden’s ex, then he decides that he’ll just repeatedly win games with last-minute jump shots, then he just shat all over Kris Humphries with this latest tweet.

Kanye West Ruined Kim Kardashian, Solidifies it With New Pregnancy

DListed – Who can take something that is close to perfection and ruin it better than kanye west? Now he’s gone and done the worst thing ever by passing on his ignorance in the form of a child. After announcing at his concert last night that he wanted to give a shutout to his new baby mama, news broke and it was confirmed that Kim is indeed accepting the most ignorant man’s seed.

Kim K used to be top on the talent list and still reigns supreme up there with the best of them but is slowly slipping, and with this recent news her body is about to be destroyed.

Top 3 Reasons Kanye Ruined Kim;
1. The nickname is Kimye – sounds like something you think of when you vomit Thai food.
2. Kim and Kanye seem to wear each others clothing, Kanye might fit into outfits that Kim can’t.
3. Kanye has managed to create a child inside of her forever ruining her body.

Say goodbye to one of DN’s top baby talents.



How Staten Island Handles Jordan Sneaker Frenzy

Getting a pair of Jordan’s these days is damn near impossible. Hypebeasts out there causing lines for real sneakerheads to buy limited edition items. Most of the time unless you are waiting on lines or risking it with eBay resellers jacking up the prices, you can’t get these limited edition sneakers. One of my personal favorites the Jordan Bred 11′s were released Friday morning, and my boy Chris got them early. Keeping with how NYC does, and especially how any respectable asshole does it, Chris drives past the line with his sneak preview sneaker hanging out blasting “I don’t like” laughing at the clowns waiting to get theirs.

Check it out.