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Selena Gomez Made Bieber Cry and Looked Like a 10.5 While Doing It … Typical Latina In Action

selena-gomez-late-show-with-david-letterman-appearance-12Selena Gomez, 20, was on Letterman last night to promote her new movie Spring Breakers. Besides looking like a 10.5 and murdering the screen with her body, she was discussing Bieber with Letterman when we found out what a bitch Bieber really was.

Letterman said “Last time Bieber was here I made him cry”

Selena responded with typical Latina attitude with “well… that makes two of us”.

Selena Gomez is just killing it in that dress. Her body looks insane, she knows she’s ruining every other Bieber fan out there. She can’t look better than here. We needed this replacement for some of our recent loses in stardom ass. Not quite sure who were replacing with this dime piece yet. Eva Longoria or Kim K?