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First We Saved You Money On A Lightning Cable, Now We’re Saving Your Battery Life.

41QrhQ3Dv9LSo first we delivered on saving you a whole $4.01 on a lightning cable, now we want to introduce you to your new friend for that cable. Normally we don’t like to advertise outside of what we have on the site for banners, but this was too good of a deal not to point out. Two backup batteries that are extremely portable and have a great extra boost almost 40 hours for both, all for 39.99 shipped.

These two backup batteries that are both great alternatives to cases you have to have on your phone. These are great in terms of battery size (6000mAh & 5200mAh), what those numbers equate to is almost a full day of use on top of the internal battery. Pocket sized, so if you need to take it out with you it won’t be bulky and inconvenient. One of the bundled chargers is also a dual USB, so you won’t have to worry about charging your wife’s phone while you sit there running out of juice.

Click the links below and to add both to your amazon cart, then enter code FREEIMIR when you check out.

Click Here single USB  and Click Here for the dual USB