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Homeland Best Show of the Year? It Did Give Us More of Morena Baccarin…

8bee3c91edaca86a2efebc3f1b33b05aHomeland only has two seasons under its belt, but already has the following of some 2.7 Millions viewers. This years season finale pulled in record breaking ratings for a Showtime original, and while it wasn’t as popular as Showtime’s other hit show Dexter, with 3.4 Million viewers, it did have a huge twist that is sure to leave most people dying for more in surprise. Unfortunately like most hits on TV, there has to be at least one character you could do without and this shows winner is Brody’s daughter who cries like a b*tch in every episode. SNL Depicts that pretty well in a video after the break.

For those that have seen the show, the best highlight of it is seeing Morena Baccarin, and not only because you get to see her amazingly beautiful chest at least once a season, but because she can’t speak a word without any man thinking about her vagina.

Gallery of Morena Baccarin MILF of the year after the break as well (Warning NSFW).

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Keep crying Brody, the Major is home.

I don’t care who you are, when you see Morena Baccarin walk into your room in a silky pj outfit and just slowly take it off… you’re going to welcome that bitch. The boss lady could be in the bed with me, and I am still welcoming Morena to jump in. She is the definition of MILF. She might even be better than MILF, her body doesn’t show a speck of MILF. Not one mark of imperfection on her.Although this could be because we know she is getting piped out by the double agents best friend and we are all compelled to see that… after all who doesn’t root for Major Mike every time she rips off her shirt and opens up?