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Some Guy In Florida Bites His Girls Thumb Off, And Spits It On The Floor In Front of Her

article-finger-0118NYDailyNews – And this is what every guy dreams of doing, but doesn’t want to get arrested for doing. Asshole to the right, was arguing with his female companion when he decided he had had enough, and bit off the bitches thumb. Then being gangsta, he spit it right at her onto the cars floorboard. I am pretty sure that there have been several times where I contemplated it, maybe biting off a pinky, maybe even a toe, in the end though it always comes back. You bite off a finger, she comes back ten times worse. I can’t risk it. Not worth it to take the bosses finger tip-off, and wake up one day missing my sack, the tip of the penis missing, who knows what vagina welding humans are capable of.