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Eagle Snatching Boy is a Fake… Take Your Kids Back To The Playground

This Eagle snatching the little kid off the field has to be the biggest video going around right now, as much as I want to believe this bird just grabbed the kid as prey, too many people are calling it a hoax because of the how it’s filmed. Every 10 year old’s dreams of being scooped up and flown around for a while were just squashed.

We have the evidence after the break
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“Storage Wars” fake According to the Asshole Hester


Brandi likes having her head pushed down

Reuters -  According to an interview with Reuters, the most annoying cast member David Hester, is proclaiming that the show is rigged. Hester stated as saying that the memorabilia is placed in the lockers, and that often high value or rare items were seen because of the producers actions behind the scenes. Hester is suing the show for $750,000, stating that he did not agree with the shows values. Jarrod thinks otherwise, as he has not real talent besides his wife Brandi (pictures after the break).

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