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Free DeliverNothing.com iPhone Case

tumblr_m6u6poAZPB1rnfcuro1_500Hold your excitement! We hit 100+ Facebook likes, and as promised were going to give away a free case. Currently we only have iPhone 4 or 5 cases, but for those of you interested, because we all know how much you really want one, please visit our Facebook page and like this post. We’re expecting zero responses from this, because like most of our fans, we are douchbags and probably wouldn’t give a shit about a website case.

Facebook Handing Out Money to Interns, FML’s Going Through Everyone’s Head

Mashable – …¬†Facebook interns are not only paid, but are also earning higher wages than most tenured teachers. According to recent statistics each intern is earning an average of $5,600/month or what equates $67,200 a year.

Of course I was busy drinking piss warm beer that we got from corner stores, paying some old man an extra 5 bucks to buy it for us, and these kids were at home studying to make sure I would want to go get shit faced because their salary is 30k higher than the average US income.