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Lady Destroys Would-Be Robber’s Attempted Burglary After Shooting Him 5 Times

WSBTV – Story Highlights;

  • Don’t mess with southern homemakers
  • Mother of 2 is home with .38 revolver while husband is at work
  • Burglar attempts to find mom and kids in house
  • Mother blasts the shit out of burglar
  • Burglar fails at burglary and get away and survives 5 gun shots

This lady is no joke. Apparently this mother of 2 was at home and the door ring, but she ignored it thinking it was someone selling vacuums or some shit. She then noticed that the guy at the door wasn’t leaving, and started prying the door open. So she freaks out, grabs her 2 kids in the house and hides. She setups in the attic and waits while the burglar roams through the house trying to find her. The dickhead breaking into her house decides to try to play hide and go seek, not realizing this bitch is crazy and has a .38 revolving waiting for him. Once he finds her, instead of feeling like a winner, he gets greeted with 5 shots close range from her gun. Craziest shit about this isn’t that she shot all 6 rounds and only misses once… but that this piece of shit lives and tries to escape but fails at that too. Cops caught him down the street after he crashed into the woods.