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Arizona woman gets crazy, kills her sex buddy 3 times over… for making her feel like a prostitute

481225_411343778941770_1016123192_nReuters – (Reuters) – An Arizona woman charged with stabbing and shooting her lover to death – and whose graphic testimony has gripped viewers across the United States – described in court a relationship based around sex that left her feeling “like a prostitute.”
Lawyers for Jodi Arias, who could face the death penalty if convicted, argue she acted in self-defense when she killed her lover. He was found in the shower of his Phoenix valley home, shot in the face, stabbed 27 times and with his throat slit.
“I just felt … a little bit, I hate to put it this way, but I felt a little bit used,” Arias, a petite, bespectacled woman with long brown hair, told the court on Wednesday in a calm, measured tone, describing a relationship she said was based around sex.

“He gets a hotel room, I show up, we hang out, we have sex … He’s not really mentally present. I’m getting a lot of attention, but only while we’re engaging in sexual activity, and then we check out and he takes off. I kind of felt like a prostitute, sort of,” Arias told the court.

This older story has a new sick blame game twist. Let’s just picture this crazy ass woman just sitting in her car, windows up, in front of her man friends house, crying daily to Beyoncé saying “put a ring on”. Poor guy Travis Alexander thought he was set, he has a side piece that he can pipe out any time, she is down with hotel dates, she’s upset about him not calling her a girlfriend, but still allows him to lay the pipe… then boom! You’re being stabbed 27 times, and most likely dead, but then your throat is cut, at this point your 99% dead, then just to ensure you don’t get up she puts a bullet in your head. That’s how Travis’ life ended. Incredibly she is trying to claim self-defense and playing the blame game on the fact that she was giving it up all day every day.


Guy Torches His Estranged Wife For Sending Nude Pics To Other Men

torch26n-2-webNYDailyNews – First we hear about some crazy asshole biting off a girls thumb, now there’s a story about a former mechanic blow torching his estranged wife in a jealousy rage. Carlos Diaz, 35, decided that blow torching his wife Cathy Zapata, 38, would really teach her a lesson. Carlos claims that he had to teach his wife a lesson for sending nude pictures of her surgically renewed body to other men. Apparently Cathy, who just had got a new pair of breast and some liposuction, wanted to show off the investment by sending it on to the new man piping it out.


The couple had been separated for over 2 years, but Carlos was still obsessed with his baby momma and said that he couldn’t live without her. He continued to plot to get her back and wanted to make sure that he gave her “a little pain”. The torching caused Zapata to suffer burns on her hands, face and neck.

I can understand biting a thumb off here and there, who hasn’t contemplated that, but planning to torch your baby mama… that’s just insane. You see this all too often, a guy loses his only chance at vagina and goes crazy. This story made me realize that, as unfortunate as it might be, I am pretty sure that I am in that same boat. No chance in hell am I finding another hole as beautiful as wifey’s, but even I am not as crazy to get a blow torch to start swinging around flames.

Some Guy In Florida Bites His Girls Thumb Off, And Spits It On The Floor In Front of Her

article-finger-0118NYDailyNews – And this is what every guy dreams of doing, but doesn’t want to get arrested for doing. Asshole to the right, was arguing with his female companion when he decided he had had enough, and bit off the bitches thumb. Then being gangsta, he spit it right at her onto the cars floorboard. I am pretty sure that there have been several times where I contemplated it, maybe biting off a pinky, maybe even a toe, in the end though it always comes back. You bite off a finger, she comes back ten times worse. I can’t risk it. Not worth it to take the bosses finger tip-off, and wake up one day missing my sack, the tip of the penis missing, who knows what vagina welding humans are capable of.