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No big deal, an asteroid is about to barely miss Earth

dave chappelle asteroidCNN – While most are worried about a winter storm bringing little snowflakes of a foot or more, the news networks forgot to mention how the entire globe could be destroyed in a week. According to NASA scientists have discovered an asteroid that is scheduled to arrive close to the Earth’s atmosphere on February 15th. The large rock about 45 meters long or in man terms about a half a football field big,  isn’t worrying scientists. The brains in NASA say that this large rock is only going to be flying by us and will remain about 17,000 miles from our surface. While we don’t have too much to be concerned about, it’s still fucking crazy that this huge rock traveling at 8x the speed of a bullet is going to be crossing paths with us.

Rachel Nichols Leaves ESPN, So What Can We Look At Now?


Big news out of Bristol (and Atlanta) yesterday. Rachel Nichols is leaving ESPN and joining CNN and Turner Sports. She will have her own weekend show on CNN and be a sideline reporter for NBA and MLB games. This was announced yesterday (by mistake) on CNN’s twitter account. Nichols confirmed after it was posted. This leaves ESPN with a huge void now.

I will say this… she was my favorite ESPN face to look at. She was smart, sexy and a redhead. Now… I got nothing to look at on ESPN. I guess I can watch it for “sports” but they do a terrible job at covering that most of the time as well. Best of luck to Rachel at CNN/Turner Sports.

Idiot Alex Jones Does What Everyone Does When They Watch Piers Morgan

Screen shot 2013-01-07 at 10.22.51 PMIn case you aren’t aware, Alex Jones is dumber than shit, and although most the shit he says doesn’t make sense and is all nonsense, he really got this impersonation dead on. Who doesn’t see Piers and think about doing the same accent? It’s one of the most annoying f*cking things to listen to him speak. Either way I think Piers has some balls for bringing this guy on to his show and placing him within 3 feet and not blinking while this guy was going balls deep mocking him.

On a background side note, Jones was on the show because he created a petition to have Piers deported… for free speech, the first amendment.


Statement of the Century Goes to Newtown Murderer’s Barber, Bob Skuba

RMA10912-man-shaveCNN – The most f*cking amazing statement to ever hit the press, Bob Skuba speaks to CNN about how he wishes he would have slit the killers throat. The interview with Bob (the killer’s barber) goes on to state that he always tried to speak to the killer during his appointments. Skuba said he would never get any response from the 20 year old, and even Skuba’s sister felt something was off about the piece of shit murderer. Bob was freaked out about the kids behavior and remembers always saying “what the f*ck” every time he had an interaction with the killer and his mother.

Skuba, who was standing outside his barbershop during the interview, was in absolute disgust as he watched a hearse carrying a 6 year old Jessica Rekos drive by. If one man was ever spot on when it came to expressing how every person in America feels, it is Bob Skuba. Newtown, CT just found it’s new Mayor, Bob Skuba.

God bless all of those children and any person that was affected.