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In Celebration of Vergara’s Recent Bikini Shoot, We Give You More Sofia Vergara

Sofia VergaraGod doesn’t bless many woman like they bless Sofia Vergara. Everyone’s favorite character on Modern Family still sluts it around in her personal life. After pushing out her son 20 years ago, there might be some wear and tear that we haven’t seen YET. Who cares what possible roast beef could be under her pants tho, when we have bikini shots like the one she recently took, you have to assume that shit is just as pristine as the rest of the package.

Honestly look at that body. She destroys most bitches half her age and she knows it. Sofia is definitely on the DN Talent list for females over 40. That list doesn’t stretch too far, but includes other marvels like Hallie Berry, Marisa Tomei, Demi Moore, Morena Baccarin and Gina Gershon… sure there’s plenty more out there, but those are the ones off the top that scream to get inside them.


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Who’s Milf of the Century? Jennifer Nicole Lee

NYPost – The Post is on my top list for reminding me about Jennifer Nicole Lee. The top notch MILF of the century. Look at this body, after 2 kids and 37 years of gravity pulling down on her, she still looks like she would give Elton John a hard on.

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