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Who Really Deserves to Be Number One?

20130115-181958.jpg On Sunday, most of America was watching the Falcons and the Seahawks battle it out. I happened to be switching between another game that was awesome to watch (for personal and just all around awesomeness). Watching the dismantling of the last undefeated in Columbus left the pollsters wondering what to do last night. Many, including myself didn’t fathom the Buckeyes, who have been playing mediocre ball all year, take down the Wolverines. Many were expecting Michigan to be the lone undefeated team left in the nation and the obvious AP #1 team in the country.

Since that didn’t happen, Louisville got the most votes and became the top team in the nation. Did they deserve it? Personally, I would have given it to Indiana. What do you think?

5th Grader Ripping High School Varsity Kids On The Court. Just Another Day for “Handles”


MaxPreps – WTF is going on here? This 11 year old superstar is 4′ 5″ and just ripping these high school kids apart. I don’t care that this high school doesn’t compete on any level, it doesn’t matter that it looks like they’re just standing around when he drives, Handle’s¬†disrespects them over and over. This kid won’t even need to make it through 9th grade before some scout signs him. He’s going to be destroying Pros on the court across the U.S. before he hits puberty.

The 17-8 Golden State Warriors Still Getting No Love

Credit: Rocky Widner, Getty Images

Credit: Rocky Widner, Getty Images

The Golden State Warriors knocked off the New Orleans Hornets last night to improve to 17-8 on the year in case you didn’t hear from the media outlets last night. (That wonderful Lakers win against the Bobcats needed to be talked about so much… Chumps.) After going 6-1 on an east coast swing (knocking off the likings of BK and Miami), the Warriors came back to Oakland to win and stay a game and a half back from the only LA team that should be reported about.

I get the fact that the Lakers are a better team to cover with everything that is going wrong, but coverage needs to shift to covering teams that are winning. When I turn on ESPN and go to the website, the 12-14 Lakers are headlining. Sports addicts, I beg of you to demand excellence in your reporting. If the big shows want to talk about LA and New York that’s fine, but talk about the teams that are winning. It’s a joke that “highlight of the night” is an under .500 team when there is so much more to report.