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Surface Rules, Apple Drools……Wait, What?

surfvsipadHonestly, I can’t believe this report. This is one of those moments where, if this is true, a good chunk of people reading this are going to feel like they are completely out of touch with the younger generation. BGR is reporting that, according to a new survey, Apple is no longer cool. In fact, it’s too ‘cool’ to really be cool. The report was done by a marketing group that specializes in youth marketing. They claim that teens are more interested in the Surface tablet and Samsung’s line of Galaxy phones instead of iPads and iPhones.

The Galaxy phones I can kind of see. Samsung is pushing the envelope more than Apple is in regards to phone technology. And if the app ecosystem for Android continues to grow the way it is, Apple might have some stiff competition. But this notion that teens want the surface tablet over the iPad is insane. Seriously, what’re you gonna do with the Surface? Download all 6 apps that are available and play with the kickstand?

Does Everybody Know What Time It Is??? Toooool Tiiimmee!

20130110-213639.jpg This watch is going to be bad ass. It was a Kickstarter project that was originally supposed to be released in October, but after raising so much money, they decided to hold off and rethink their production strategy. At CES this year, they finally made an announcement for when units would be shipping. The website has a nice video showing some of the functionality the watch has. Take a look after the break.

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Never Forget To Buy Your Beer Again.

Samsung T9000_2Sooooooo Samsung introduced a new fridge at CES. A fridge running Android OS on a touchscreen. Yup….now even your fridge has a tablet in it. Right now, it doesn’t have full access to the Play store, but it has some apps built in already. It’s got some video and photo apps, but the coolest feature it’s got is Evernote integration. Personally, I’ve a fan of Google Drive, but the fact that you can quickly write a note on what you need at the store and have it sync to your Evernote account is pretty cool. The downside….the price tag comes in at a nice $4000. If it where up to me, I think I’d rather buy a regular fridge and throw an iPad in my kitchen, like this guy did.



This Is My Favorite Time Of The Year.

CES 2013

So CES (Consumer Electronics Show) 2013 technically kicks off tomorrow in Las Vegas. Some of the bigger companies are already having press releases and showing off their new toys though. If you have no idea what CES is….let me make a comparison for you: CES to a geek is like the North Pole is to Will Ferrell in Elf. Seriously. Most of the cool shit that you’re going to be buying this year and into early next year, is being shown off for the first time in these few days. Check out some of the cool things that have been announced after the break. Continue reading

I’m About To Save You $4.01. You’re Welcome.

20130103-205044.jpg Need an extra lightning cable for your new iPad, iPad mini, or iPhone 5? Amazon is currently selling their Amazon Basics cable for $14.99. That’s right, you save a wicked $4.01 off of the Apple OEM cable at $19. And yes, I agree…$14.99 is still way too much to pay for a cable. I can’t wait for them to drop as low as the old 30 pins so I can get a 6 footer for $6.

The Amazon version looks like it has a bigger footprint, so if your case has a small cutout for your lightning port, you may be SOL. But, it’s never a bad idea to keep an extra around. Amazon had listed this for sale a week or two ago before it randomly pulled it for sale in the US, so you might want to grab it quick if you need one. Grab it here if you’re interested.

Yup, I’m THAT Guy.

20121230-202953.jpg Ok so don’t judge me, but I’m looking at buying a keyboard to use with my iPad. I’m starting to use it to type a lot more and the onscreen keyboard isn’t cutting it. I know I don’t want a big huge case/keyboard combo thing….so I can’t decide what to get. Do you guys have any suggestions or use any yourself? Let me know in the comments below.

America, F&*k Yeah.

So a few weeks ago, Tim Cook mentioned in an interview that Apple would be sinking around $100 million into producing a product in the Mac family in the good ol’ U-S-of-A. Now he was pretty tight lipped as far as what product, and where it would be produced stateside.

Digitimes is reporting that Apple will be producing the Mac Mini here in the US. This is a great move for Apple. They can produce a low cost product (mainly because there are no screens involved in the mini) and market the shit out of it, with Made In The USA branding. And probably charge a bit of a premium from what the Mini goes for now. Well played Apple, well played.

Suck It Surface.

photo-520x395So by now, I’m sure you all have heard about Oprah’s massive screw up in trying to promote the Microsoft Surface tablet. And it looks like everyone this holiday season followed suit, and avoided the Surface like it was the bubonic plague…if we lived in Europe….in the 1300′s. Anyway. It’s just a matter of time before this thing is in a grave next to it’d older brother, the Zune. Check out what twitter user A.X. Ian put together after the break. Continue reading

Make Me A Sandwich, House.

20121221-155744.jpgSo this is really exciting. The next big thing companies are pushing for is to introduce more home automation devices. If you don’t know what I mean, take a second and look up the Nest thermostat or the Phillips Hue lighting system. The lighting system is pretty sweet….with an app on your device, you can control the light bulbs color, brightness, and turn them on and off.

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Love/Hate Relationship with “Steve Jobs: The Lost Interview”

JobsSo last night I watched The Lost Interview with Steve Jobs…and holy shit is this thing amazing/depressing. If you have no idea what I’m talking about, I’ll give you some background on the movie….and since I don’t feel like typing it out, here’s the movie info from Rotten Tomatoes.

“In 1995, during the making of his TV series Triumph of the Nerds about the birth of the PC, Bob Cringely did a memorable hour-long interview with Steve Jobs. It was 10 years since Jobs had left Apple following a bruising struggle with John Sculley, the CEO he had brought into the company. At the time of the interview Jobs was running NeXT, the niche computer company he had founded after leaving Apple. During the interview, Jobs was at his charismatic best – witty, outspoken, visionary. In the end, only a part of the interview was used in the series and the rest was thought lost. But recently a VHS copy was found in the series director’s garage. Now, cleaned up with modern technology, and put into context by Cringely, the entire interview will be screened in Landmark Theatres.”

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Google Maps is Back on the iPhone


People in major cities with metro transportation can rejoice again! In late night heroics, Google came to the recuse to us iPhone users that HATE ‘Maps’ and brought back Google Maps to iOS in app form (was technically available via mobile web). With a perfect rating and over 5000 users reviewing, people are clearly ecstatic about the return of this app (yes, I know that most rated out if spite).

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BestBuy gives away free iPads, customers complain

Yahoo- A BestBuy customer reported that they ordered 1 iPad, but opened the box to reveal that a total of 5 were in the box. So like any moron, the customer calls up BestBuy to explain that they ordered 1 iPad, not 5. BestBuy decided that it is the holiday season, and told the customer that the iPads should be given “to people in need”.

Not understanding between right and wrong has nothing to do with being free

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