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Tom from MySpace Just Sitting on Stacks of Money Abusing Everyone

anderson22apr2009HuffingtonPost - The best tweet this year from any person with more than $500 Million in the bank goes to Tom from MySpace. Tom  was speaking about the new Instagram privacy policy, and how ridiculous it is. Some guy  attempted to make fun of Tom about the big fail that is MySpace now, but Tom quickly responded.  With true new money etiquette, and asshole mentality Tom replied “says the guy who sold MySpace in 2005 for $580 Million while you slave away hoping for a half-day off”.


What I don’t understand is what the big deal is. Who doesn’t talk shit to celebrities/athletes on twitter? It’s sooo easy and typically theres no repercussion of telling someone like 50Cent he’s terrible at 8AM. You have to do it at every chance possible, theres so much money in their bank accounts they can pay for therapy if you actually do effect them so who cares. This Polo Tapia guy is such a puss for deleting his account. Polo bitched out and didn’t even point out that it took Tom until he was in his 30′s to do it while Zuck was blowing 500 Mill at 26.