“Storage Wars” fake According to the Asshole Hester


Brandi likes having her head pushed down

Reuters -  According to an interview with Reuters, the most annoying cast member David Hester, is proclaiming that the show is rigged. Hester stated as saying that the memorabilia is placed in the lockers, and that often high value or rare items were seen because of the producers actions behind the scenes. Hester is suing the show for $750,000, stating that he did not agree with the shows values. Jarrod thinks otherwise, as he has not real talent besides his wife Brandi (pictures after the break).

As much as it pains me to agree with an asshole like Hester, I think he has a point here. I mean the guy obviously cares about his career in auction hunting, and if I was part of something that was completely fugazzy, I would be pissed too. Seriously look at that Mexican clown Jarrod Schultz with his hot wife Brandi (pics after the break). He doesn’t know shit, and every show they make it seem like he gets lucky with some stupid artifact from 1880. On top of that Hester is the only one who actually dicks over the rest of these clowns. DN is going with that asshole Hester on this one.

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