DeliverNothing consists of many Editors and Contributors playing a key role in providing you with nonsense on a daily basis to hopefully keep you somewhat entertained.

Brandon - Started blogging because he realized that not doing so would be doing a disservice for everyone who can read. Residing in NYC and an avid NY Giants fan. He soon realized that his talents consisted of not much more than being able to drink a cocktail nightly and that he would need more coverage. Below are some other idiots that also wanted to contribute to this nonsense that is Deliver Nothing.

Craig - Meaning, person that would live by crags. He resides in Oakland, CA, hails from Ohio, spent some time in Ann Arbor, Michigan as well. Covers mostly sports.

Scott -Self proclaimed geek (not smart enough to be a nerd) from around the Motor City. Writing about tech, gadgets, and nonsense.

Mike - NY Giants/Mets fan who has absolutely no skill in authoring any piece of written document ever. Loves to talk shit, and huge gym rat. Mike has been known to take roids from time to time but never got big by doing so.

Other Contributors;