Sorry Netflix, There’s A New Girl In Town

20121220-211553.jpgSo I’ve been a subscriber of Netflix for a few years now and have done both the streaming and mail DVDs. It’s not that I’ve found anything I hate about it, but this redbox deal sounds pretty great. redbox and Verizon have teamed up to offer a Netflix like service for around the same price…$8 a month (Netflix is about this price for streaming only btw). Redbox is going to offer unlimited streaming along with 4 one day DVD rentals from their kiosk as well (if you’re a baller, you can drop an extra $1 a month to get blu rays instead of DVDs).

I’m pretty pumped to try it out, the big question is how many movies are going to be available for streaming right out of the gate. You can head to the redbox website and sign up now to be notified when the service goes live. From what I’ve read, it sounds like there will be iOS and Android apps for streaming, along with access on google tv and some other outlets.