NYC Optometrist Offering Free Drinks To Patients Prior To Exams

NYPost - A Park Slope eye doctor is offering booze to customers to help them unwind before exams — but not every client is impressed by the nutty hops-tometry. “I was offered a beer on my first visit,” griped one patient, Mark T., on Yelp. “Seriously, alcohol before an eye exam? And in a medical environment?” Continue Reading »




How Much Was Mirza Teletovic Paid to Air Ball 3 Times In 1 Minute?

Leave it to a Bosnian guy to make the NBA’s money exchange policy obvious as shit. We all know that mobsters can’t help themselves to the refs, but now it’s becoming too obvious. This doesn’t happen daily. It’s not possible to go back to back and throw 3 air balls in a row bro. The players Continue Reading »




No big deal, an asteroid is about to barely miss Earth

CNN – While most are worried about a winter storm bringing little snowflakes of a foot or more, the news networks forgot to mention how the entire globe could be destroyed in a week. According to NASA scientists have discovered an asteroid that is scheduled to arrive close to the Earth’s atmosphere on February 15th. Continue Reading »

Arizona woman gets crazy, kills her sex buddy 3 times over… for making her feel like a prostitute

Reuters – (Reuters) – An Arizona woman charged with stabbing and shooting her lover to death – and whose graphic testimony has gripped viewers across the United States – described in court a relationship based around sex that left her feeling “like a prostitute.” Lawyers for Jodi Arias, who could face the death penalty if Continue Reading »




Do the 49ers Have A Gripe About Last Night?

The NFL season is over, and now all eyes turn to hoops or the impending baseball season. The Ravens were crowned champions last night after narrowly escaping what would’ve been one of the greatest comebacks in Super Bowl history. But do the 49ers have a gripe about the “holding” or “pass interference” on the 9ers Continue Reading »




Female Fitness Models; Can Having Too Much Muscle Equate to Being Unattractive?

I am always arguing with my uncle about Fitness Models. They (I’m talking about bicep welding women who can flex and pop your head off, not just girls into fitness) are in a category of women that I can’t decide whether we’re looking at ridiculously chiseled asses, or just bitches with more muscle than Mike. Continue Reading »

Eva Longoria Looks Good Even Wearing Loose Fitting Obama Sweatpants

Eva Longoria is just seeps ridiculously hot out of every pore. She just has that look that pretty much can cause a semi to happen at the drop of a dime, it’s happened to us all, so don’t even deny it. Typically the pictures of her are top-notch, and even with her wearing normal looking Continue Reading »

Home Depot Gift Cards For All Immigrants Arrested? This Sounds Way Too Easy.

NYDailyNews – This can’t be true. A job can’t get any easier than this. Talk about supplying the answer to the question, the bosses were pretty much handing the teachers booklet with this one. The Border Patrol Agency has that bail out money burning a hole in their pocket. The DailyNews is reporting that New Continue Reading »

Study: Married Men Are Idiots For Doing Housework And Rewarded With Less Sex

NYDailyNews – In what could be quite possibly the best article to assist with arguments that men shouldn’t be performing female chores, a new study by the American Sociological Review states men who take on traditionally female tasks such as cooking and cleaning will be rewarded with less sex and even less respect from everyone. Okay maybe the Continue Reading »

Jozy Altidore: Getting Monkey Noises Yelled At Him, Insist the Game Goes On

Jozy Altidore, USA and AZ Alkmaar Striker was the victim of something that still haunts the soccer world so much. During the 37th minute Altidore was inside the penalty box and was taken down, causing an FC Den Bosch player to get red carded and sent off. This sparked a group of fans to start Continue Reading »

64=23. Yup, You Read That Right.

So Microsoft’s new tablet comes out February 9th, wonderfully named the Surface Pro. So what’s the difference between this one and that other Surface? This one runs Windows 8. Ok, so the other one does too….but it’s a fake version. Seriously. It’s Windows 8 RT or something. Not Windows 8. Make sense? This one will Continue Reading »

Women Are In Uproar Over Ex-Boyfriends Posting Naked Pics Online and Rating Them

NYDailyNews – Marianna Taschinger’s boyfriend wanted naked photos of her. She had only been dating the guy for a few months, so she didn’t feel comfortable sending him nude pictures of herself. But after days of coaxing, she grudgingly did what he asked. Several weeks later, Taschinger found out that those private pictures had been Continue Reading »

Philadelphia Streaker Goes Balls Deep On Public Bus Then Chases On-Lookers

NYDailyNews – City of brotherly or what bro? Straight balls swinging every where all over everything over there. Some unidentified old guy just went balls deep on a windshield SEPTA Bus. After jumping on the empty bike rack of the public bus, he decided that he might as well put his boxers on his head. Continue Reading »

Miss Bumbum 2012, Carine Felizardo, Showing Off Her Booty In Times Square

NYDailyNews – Incase you were locked in a shelter for torching your wife or just love men and didn’t care, Carine Felizardo was crowned “Miss Bumbum 2012″. This 25-year-old was recently spotted in Midtown Manhattan showing off that amazing ass. Last month South America, which produces the best round and brown booties in the world, Continue Reading »

Guy Torches His Estranged Wife For Sending Nude Pics To Other Men

NYDailyNews – First we hear about some crazy asshole biting off a girls thumb, now there’s a story about a former mechanic blow torching his estranged wife in a jealousy rage. Carlos Diaz, 35, decided that blow torching his wife Cathy Zapata, 38, would really teach her a lesson. Carlos claims that he had to teach Continue Reading »

Rachel Nichols Leaves ESPN, So What Can We Look At Now?

Big news out of Bristol (and Atlanta) yesterday. Rachel Nichols is leaving ESPN and joining CNN and Turner Sports. She will have her own weekend show on CNN and be a sideline reporter for NBA and MLB games. This was announced yesterday (by mistake) on CNN’s twitter account. Nichols confirmed after it was posted. This Continue Reading »

Celtic’s Fans Are Relentless Pieces of Sh*t, And We Respect It.

NYDailyNews - Here we have a classic case of the right things being done to the wrong people. Celtic fans trying to take shots at Melo. Typical move, kick a guy while he’s down. Not saying that I wouldn’t do the same exact thing, because I would, and I absolutely respect the attempt at smashing the Continue Reading »