Review: The Nexus 7 After 36 Hours

wpid-Screenshot_2012-12-17-20-11-02.pngYesterday I received a nexus 7 from a ever so great girlfriend. I had been hinting about wanting one, but did not expect one. After being able to play with it for 36 hours … This thing is awesome and I would recommend it for anyone that is tired of Apple products.

This device has great resolution and a great processor that allow fast movement between apps and great video playback. The Google Apps cache that come with it allows you top get instantly stated with whatever you bought the tablet for… Fun, work or both. It comes loaded with books, music and even a movie. The apps seem to be very compatible with this device, not having a difference like you experience with some apps with Apple.

The light nature of the device, the awesome screen resolution and the great processing speed gives you two things at once. You have the great tablet with the size of an e-reader. My one concern is going top be battery power. After minimal use, I now have only 56% left. The one thing Apple always seems top have is battery power, while Android usually lacks at that. More to come while I still play around with it, but peep the photos below.