Mets Trade Crotchety Old Man to Blue Jays


In a move that shocked no one, the New York Mets traded the best thing they have had since Howard Johnson to the Toronto Blue Jays. R. A. Dickey, the 2012 Cy Young Award winner and 38 year old knuckleballer , was threatening to leave the Mets after next season if there was no deal on the table, so the Mets, realizing that they can’t have a winning season anyways, just let him go. The Mets let him go for some prospects in A-Ball, the Mets made a good move to get prospects instead of nothing next year. 

The Blue Jays made another big splash by getting Dickey, in an off season that has been great for them. They are playing for a World Series title north of the border, making the most big moves so far in the off season. Adding key players such as Melky Cabrera and Jose Reyes, the Jays will be making noise all season long, and if I were a betting man, we will see them in October, either winning the AL East or in a wild card slot.