McDonald’s Keeps Giving Back to Employees on Christmas

funny-mcdonalds-signAdage – In a recent internal memo, McDonald’s is pushing the franchise owners to remain open on Christmas Day. This comes after the company posted growth in sales for November, for which they contribute the success to staying open on Thanksgiving day. The recent push is one that not all restaurants will adhere to, but for those that have stayed open on the typical closed days like Thanksgiving, they have seen as much as $6,000 in sales. For the owners of these franchises, its just another day, but for the employees coming on Christmas, this push my have some negative feedback especially since it’s not considered overtime.

Although this push will mean that employees will once again be reminded they have the shittiest job out of all of their friends, this better go through. I would be the first person there asking for a Egg McMuffin and coffee at 8am on Christmas. Not only is it not overtime, but working on a day where everyone else is off and you’re stuck heating up my Egg McMuffin, has to kill any and all motivation for loving your job.