Lionel Messi… Goal King?


2012 in football (soccer) was the year of Messi. He accomplished a feat that no man has done before.. Scores 86 goals in a calendar year. This record was held by the German Gerd Muller since 1972, and The argentine striker bested that record with a 2-1 win over Real Betis. But two nations are calling foul on this record because thy have proof that countrymen from their nation have scored more.

Zambia is claiming that in 1972, a sticker named Chitalu scored a remarkable 107 goals! A spokesman said that it is recorded with the Zambia FA, but not the World FA. Brazil’s Flamenco is claiming that the striker Zico netted 89 goals in one season. Messi did score two more goals today and his total is now 88.

Needless to say, Messi’s unbelievable year is something we will probably never see again in our lifetime. The 25 year old is a legend, and he will be awesome to watch in years to come!