J.R. Smith Still Can’t Be Held Down With Another Buzzer Beater… Also Still Can’t Salsa

JRSMITHSALSAThere isn’t too much that can be said here. J.R. is unstoppable when it comes to last-minute jump shots recently. He hits the first of 2 last minute jumpers to tie up the game, then gets an inbound pass from Kidd to shutter the Sun’s hopes with 1 second left in the game. Smith finished the game with 27 points, Kidd with 21 points and all this without Melo in to assist … Lets refer back to the post about Smith and Tahiry… when you’re jumping on ass like that playing ball must be easy. Watch tonight’s highlight video after the break.

The saddest part of all this is when he breaks out the Victor Cruz Salsa and absolutely demolishes it. You can’t just break that shit out and expect everyone to respect it because you are on fire right now. Stop that shit son. You can’t salsa, we respect you trying, but you look like an gringo.