Is Manti Te’o Really Not Going to Win the Heisman?

After an undefeated season and leading his team to play in the national championship, it looks like the Sr. Linebacker Manti Te’o won’t be winning the Heisman Trophy.

Lets face it. This guy is a freak. He is the greatest linebacker we have seen since Junior Seau or Lawrence Taylor. He is a true leader of his team and he is the reason that Notre Dame is where they are today. But unfortunately these attributes are the reason he won’t win the award. They wouldn’t dare give the award to a defender.

Johnny Manziel is your typical Heisman winner, and the voters aren’t going to stray to far away from giving him the award. After a stellar season as a freshman (3419 yards, 24TD, 8INT) he is going to be the clear cut winner of this award. Usually, I would not have an issue with that, because these numbers are sick, but defense deserves the Heisman this year.