I Would Like to Congratulate the B1G Ten on a Stellar Football Season

There was a lot of discussion after drinking with some friends last weekend, and seeing two disgraces happen in college football. The first was Alabama winning the SEC And granting them the trip to the BCS championship, and the second was Wisconsin beating the Cornhuskers to be crowned the B1G Ten Champs and get the right to go to the Rose Bowl. Once again, the B1G TEN looks like a great conference in the eyes of America.

You want to know why no matter what a SEC team was going to the BCS National Championship, and if Notre Dame didn’t have the great season they had, once again, two SEC teams would have been in the national championship? They breed winners. They don’t have teams lose five games and win the conference. They don’t have teams that go 4-4 in the conference playing for the championship. They breed winners.

I would also like to congratulate fans that HATE Ohio State so much that they were glad that they couldn’t represent the B1G TEN… Look where that got you. WISCONSIN… the 8-5 Badgers are playing in the Rose Bowl. I’m sorry, but no team that does what Ohio State did this year, does not deserve to sit out. You can call them what you want, you can say what you want about what happened in Columbus, you can pretend that you sit on your perfect university setting and nothing like that can go on where you are.. guess what, it happens everyday. I lived in Ann Arbor and I saw my share of athletes in cars they could not afford, in clothes I could not afford and running up bar tabs Danny Vazquez couldn’t afford. BUT HEY… THE BUCKEYES DIDNT GET TO PLAY, EVEN THOUGH THEY WERE THE ONLY GOOD THING THE B1G TEN PRODUCED THIS YEAR SO THAT MAKES IT OK!!!!

B1G Ten fans WAKE UP. This was a joke of a season for you. You should not be pleased the way this turned out, and you should not support your team in any bowl they may be going to. You should hang your head in shame, because you think the SEC gets the recognition they get now is bad, its about to get worse. Also, that team that is representing your conference in the precious Rose Bowl.. LOST THIER HEAD COACH TO AN SEC TEAM! The guy who won the conference didn’t even want to stay in that miserable conference. So here is my cry to B1G Ten fans everywhere… WITHOUT OHIO STATE, YOUR CONFERENCE SUCKS AT FOOTBALL. Wake up and realize it.