Home Depot Gift Cards For All Immigrants Arrested? This Sounds Way Too Easy.

Mexican20Day20LaborersNYDailyNews – This can’t be true. A job can’t get any easier than this. Talk about supplying the answer to the question, the bosses were pretty much handing the teachers booklet with this one. The Border Patrol Agency has that bail out money burning a hole in their pocket.

The DailyNews is reporting that New York Border Patrol Agents were being rewarded with $100 Home Depot gift cards for arresting immigrants. You know, because that isn’t already part of their job, go ahead and incentive vise them for doing it with gift cards to the immigrants career office. In addition to the Home Depot rewards, some agents were getting as much as $2,500 in bonuses, extra days off and vacations. Think about this again, arrest an immigrant, receive a gift card to HOME DEPOT. No better way to slap some illegal Mexicans in the face, than hit Border Patrol up with gift cards to the universal hangout of every Mexican Laborer in the U.S. This has to be a joke, someone at the top was high with his friends and thought it would be really ironic. What a way to be a dick, I want to start seeing some Taco Bell gift card hand outs next to every Narcotics officer who arrests a pothead.