Hey, Just Leave Michigan!


Michigan… The home of the suburban sprawl. Michigan… The home of manufacturing… Michigan… The home of unions… Michigan… The state that looks out for its people.. Now you can not say that about Michigan.

Yesterday, Michigan republicans made the State of Michigan a “right to work state.” It joins the ranks of states with great labor laws such as Alabama, Mississippi and Arkansas (because those states have a lot going for them) to pass such laws, banning unions and not protecting workers such as assembly line workers, construction workers and teachers.

You know, this solidifies something for me. I am never moving back to that state. In an act of pure evil, republicans introduced a bill and voted on it… Without panel discussions or even explaining the bill to its constituents. Once again, republicans disenfranchised a group of people (yes, the ones that don’t vote for them) and forced them to live under laws they don’t want.

I encourage people to leave Michigan. When you pass laws like this, this makes sure that people don’t want to work, live and raise a family in your state. Oh yeah, and republicans, if you didn’t learn something in November let me remind you of something: people aren’t going to stand for this and you will be voted out of office if you do these back door deals that hurt the working people.